If you are looking for peace, tranquility and relaxation in a warm, friendly
and helpful  environment, you will thoroughly enjoy being our guests
at our B&B “Santa Cristina”. Hidden in verdant nature and the total tranquility
of the countryside, our B&B is the perfect answer to your needs.  

B&B “Santa Cristina” is situated in a beautiful farmhouse of local historic interest named “Cavallera”, in the heart of a 50 acres estate  managed  directly by our family.  It is comfortable and extremely pleasant. Here you can dedicate yourselves to a combination of pleasures and relaxation. Also, our B&B is not far from towns like Brescia, Mantua, Verona, Parma, Sirmione and from the fascinating natural environment of Lake Garda. 

The “formula for happiness” lies in Montichiari, in the open space of the countryside, in a refined setting  that reflects our family choice of life.
B&B “Santa Cristina”is the best way of living in a natural environment in total comfort only 5 minutes from the town.